Come Home Catholics!

Catholics Come Home is an “independent non-profit Catholic apostalate” that aims to help more lapsed Catholics to remember the beauty and salvation found in the 2000 year old Catholic Faith.  Especially in the Western world, many people of all religions are forgetting the importance of God.  We are never too technologically advanced for God, who is more advanced than any computer in existence.  Catholics Come Home aims to reawaken the Faith in Catholics that have strayed, inspiring them to take a second look at themselves and the Church that Jesus Christ founded.  Non-Catholics may also be inspired to investigate the Church as well.

Various dioceses around the United States have begun to air the Catholics Come Home commercials on cable and network television.  A pilot program in the Diocese of Phoenix (Arizona) began during Lent 2008.  Here are some statistics from within 3 weeks of airing the commercials:

  • over 10,000 people contacted parishes
  • over 6,000 people visited the Catholics Come Home website
  • about 15,000 Catholics started to attend Mass again

From the same article linked above, six months after the commercials began airing:

  • almost 1,000 people were involved in ministries for returning Catholics
  • ministries aimed at sharing the faith among adults increased 20-30% from the previous year
  • participation in the diocese Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA, the conversion program for adults) rose 14%
  • Mass attendance was up by 92,000 people from the previous year-a 12% increase in the diocese

And this is just one diocese.  I hope that more dioceses become aware of these commercials (and I hope that more are created!), as they clearly have an effect on the population.

Are you a lapsed Catholic?  If so, take a look at the videos below.  Come back to the Church that Jesus Christ founded, still in existence 2000 years later, never apostasizing, the Catholic Church.  Come home!

Many more can be found on the Catholics Come Home Youtube Page, where it looks like they have added many “testimonials” today.


~ by onecatholic on September 8, 2009.

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