“The Lord Be With You”; “And With Your Spirit”?

Saint Joseph Cathedral-Columbus, Ohio

Saint Joseph Cathedral-Columbus, Ohio

Are you ready for the new translation of the Mass of Paul VI (The “Novus Ordo”)?  Have you even heard about it?  If not, the Committee on Divine Worship of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has created a website discussing the third edition of the Roman Missal (the text and rubrics for Mass), as well as providing examples of the changes to various wordings.  I will discuss this in more detail later on, however this translation does adhere to the actual Latin that the English text derives from, and also is closer to certain words used in the Divine Liturgy used by Eastern Catholics and Orthodox.  My favorite example is in the title of this entry.  When the priest or deacon says “The Lord be with you”, instead of responding “And also with you”, the response will be “And with your spirit”.  This is exactly what the Latin says, and is also what is said in the Eastern Liturgies.

So, take a look at this website, and learn about the changes that will be implemented most likely at some point next year, 2010.

Third Edition Roman Missal From the Committee on Divine Worship


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